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Dynamic CT Beamtime

Submit your proposal to win a week of dynamic CT beamtime at TESCAN in Ghent, Belgium

Call for Proposals 2020

Win a week of exclusive beamtime experience together with the support of the technical team that has pioneered TESCAN DynaTOM. 

TESCAN invites researchers of all fields to submit proposals that focus on the specific need for dynamic X-ray imaging to solve a scientific or industrial research problem. The winning proposal will be awarded accommodation for up to two researchers for the entire week, including outings in the historic city of Ghent during that stay. Travel to and from Ghent is not included. 

Proposals will be accepted until Thursday 15 October 2020 (inclusive). We would encourage all participants to submit their proposals as early as possible in order to avoid overloading the applications system.  

TESCAN will announce the winner(s) in November 2020. 

See below for further details and link to apply today.

For more information on DynaTom and other dynamic imaging applications please review the following links:

Proposal Submission

Micro-CT webinar

          Dynamic CT videos          

Proposal Submission

TESCAN is looking forward to receiving your proposal for novel research that requires a dynamic imaging process. We welcome proposals from all fields of research. Applicants who provide a clear and direct need for fast dynamic imaging will score higher, as well as those that aim to improve a specific field and have a positive impact through their research.

If you have any queries about your proposal that you would like to discuss with us prior to submission, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: applications.microCT@tescan.com

Likewise, we may also contact you after receiving your submission if we need any clarifications or additional details.

Our Review Committee at TESCAN micro-CT Applications will be going through all proposals and scoring them accordingly. Every applicant will receive feedback once all proposals are received and reviewed.

Submission Deadline: October 15th

Proposal Submission Guidelines

  1. Proposals must be in English language. The proposal can only be submitted via the online portal.
  2. Provide a proposal summary that explains the aim and scientific basis of the proposal, as well as the specific advantage of using dynamic X-ray imaging for the research.
  3. Give some scientific background on the research proposal as well as the expected results and their significance in the respective field of research. Please mention here any results of preliminary work in case there was any.
  4. Detail the experimental technique(s), as well as the measurement strategy, the setup and sample details. 
  5. Explain the safety aspects of the experiment, such as toxic substances, radioactive materials, bacteria, viruses or otherwise dangerous substances must be clearly stated in the proposal.
  6. If you plan on bringing your own stage or equipment please make sure to provide details in your proposal
  7. The scan speed, signal-to-noise, voxel resolution, sample size, and sample material are highly interdependent factors. Generally speaking, voxel sizes for dynamic scans range between ~3 and 100 um, with temporal resolutions (per revolution) from <10 seconds to hours.

Webinar Recording

Introduction to Dynamic micro-CT

Watch the webinar and get familiar with our dynamic CT!


The link above will get you to our webinar recording at GoToWebinar platform.


TESCAN Dynamic CT Videos