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MMC | Microscience Microscopy Congress 2019

01-04 Jul 2019
Manchester Central, Manchester, UK

We would like to invite you to our Booth no. 101, where our team of experts will show you the possibilities of TESCAN solutions for your research and analytical needs. Visit us and learn more about TESCAN SEM (S8000), FIB-SEM (S8000G) and micro-CT (DynaTOM) solutions.

Join our workshop on the topic of Multi-Modal 3D Microstructure Analysis Using New Generation Plasma FIB-SEM, presented by Jiri Dluhos on Tuesday, July 2 at 13:30 and on Wednesday at 15:30 by Hana Tesarova.

Use an opportunity to book a demo during the show!

Make sure you also visit our partners Bruker, Oxford Instruments Company and EDAX where you can also find our systems and book your demo.

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