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3D tomography for Life Sciences

21 Oct 2020
Online Event

On October 21 we are bringing you our solutions of 3D tomography for Life Sciences in the RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ONLY, with Arina Zaikina, TESCAN Russia.

Scanning electron microscopes (SEM) are becoming increasingly popular in biological researches. The functionality of modern SEMs is expanding dramatically beyond a device for acquiring of magnified images. Adding an ion column to an SEM or installing an ultramicrotome inside a vacuum chamber of a microscope further expands the capabilities of this equipment.

This webinar will provide an overview and a comparison of three methods for 3D-tomography for Life Science applications. The process of planar (on-grid) cryo-lamellas preparation for a TEM with a review of the automatic plunge freezing method will also be considered. Examples of various biological samples studies performed using TESCAN microscopes will be demonstrated during the presentation.

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